SAO - PTT Protector
SAO - PTT Protector
SAO - PTT Protector
SAO - PTT Protector

SAO - PTT Protector

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If you own a Baofeng UV-5R Two Way Radio, you need this PTT Protector. We've looked for a simple solution to end the hot-mic and volume knob problems with these radios. Some options were too large to fit in typical mag or radio pouches. Other options forced you to use a rigid holster. While those are great options, we still wanted a more streamlined, simple solution to keep the side buttons protected from unintentional pressing, and keep the volume knob from moving unless you want it to. Install this on your UV-5R and throw the radio in your cup holder, a rifle mag pouch, or wherever you want. No more accidental volume changes. No more hot mics. Our PTT Protector kit will be your least noticeable but most important part of your Baofeng comms.

SAO doesn't advocate "cheap gear," but we realize that the UV-5R is a simple and affordable communications option. It's the go-to for a lot of people. Whether you're running this radio in a pouch on your air-soft kit with a PTT adapter, training at the range in full gear (as you should), or have it in your 4X4 vehicle out on the trail, our PTT Protector will allow you to use the radio like you normally would, just without the hot-mic and loose volume knob problems you've come to hate.

  • Stops hot-mics
  • Easily adjust your volume
  • Easy to install
  • Almost unnoticeable on your radio
  • Not permanent


  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your radio and let it dry
  • Peel off the red 3M VHB backing and gently place on radio
  • Press firmly onto radio for at least 60 seconds
  • Stretch the small black elastic band around the volume knob
  • Make sure the band touches the top of the radio
  • Using masking tape, a rubber band, or any other method, keep the PTT protector held tightly against the radio for 24 hours
  • Your radio is ready to go