Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints
Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints

Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints

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Milspec Plastics Cobra Cuffs double-lock improves officer safety by making it virtually impossible to shim, pick or break using blunt force techniques commonly used with nylon 'zip-tie' restraints.

The unique wedge shaped design of the locking clip also prevents accidental over-tightening of the cuffs during prisoner transport or a struggle, reducing officer liability. Cobra Cuffs work well in extreme temperatures, -20° F to 120° F, wet or dry.

The tactical advantage in fully assembled Cobra Cuffs can be found in no other disposable restraint allowing immediate control by the officer.

Grab a Training Only Cobra Cuffs set in blue. They're reusable, and deploy just like the standard Cuffs.

  • Sold individually
  • Simple to carry and deploy
  • Folded, double locking, rubber based
  • National Tactical Officers Association Highest Score: 4.88 out of 5.0
  • Patented: Milspec Plastics - NC, USA