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Morale Patches are an awesome way to show off your Every Day Carry gear. Throw one on your back pack, vehicle headliner, or on the back window of your off-road rig. These are high quality Delrin thermoplastic, Kydex, solid walnut wood or tanned leather tactical patches and are backed with hook side Velcro that attaches to any loop side material. Every tacticool patch includes an adhesive Velcro loop side so you can stick your patch just about anywhere! Say Again Over patches are American made, laser engraved and cut, cleaned, hand assembled, packaged, and shipped to you. Trust me, you'll know the difference.
Mini Morale Tags, our cool key chains, are an awesome way to keep track of and organize your gear. Throw one on your keys, a backpack, or whatever else you can think of. Made of the same high quality Delrin thermoplastic or leather as our Premium Morale Patches, we attach a 3" long, American made, black Military ball chain, just like my dog tags back in the day.
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